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„The health sector has suffered from an increasing lack of skilled workers for years. adiungo offers the perfect platform for international applicants to take root in the German health sector. Especially bureaucratical effort and visa regulations are no issue anymore as adiungo takes care of the full process."

Dr. med. Rainer Rager Specialist in orthopedics & trauma surgery, Specialist in special trauma surgery, Specialist in surgery

"Acquiring specialists with know-how for system, functional and software development is currently the real challenge in technology development. The search has already been carried out internationally for some time. The adiungo approach  effectively paves the way for matching the company offer and qualified candidate. In addition, adiungo deals with one of the greatest challenges: the successful integration into a different social and work culture for the benefit of both."

Lutz Morich Project Manager (SAVe:&SAVeNoW, Digital Application Model) at AUDI AG

„With the trend to digitalisation and electrification in automotive development, well trained talents are needed more than ever. I strongly believe adiungo can provide these talents to us."

Stefan Lang Project Manager Electronics in Technical Development at AUDI AG

„We are constantly seeking highly skilled employees. adiungo meets our demand exactly and I truly believe in the benefit, they can offer."

Mathias Mrosinsky Innovation Orchestration Manager at Continental