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Skilled labour shortage - What employers need to know now

Is the shortage of skilled workers also affecting your company?

We present our concept for employers in a conversation with the team leader Mr. Regler.

In doing so, we explain that adiungo represents a great added value for filling your next vacancy by providing further training and individual requirement-qualification for international candidates. Furthermore, we accompany you as a company and the candidates during the entire training and placement process to create a perfect match.

In addition to saving you time and expenses, we ensure that the candidate is an optimal fit for your company culture.


The career paths we serve in the automotive industry

Software Developer

Bringing expertise into coding

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Test Engineer

Challenging the status

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Development Engineer

Delivering tomorrow’s solutions

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Requirements Engineer

Generating a reliable foundation

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Project Manager

Holding things together

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Your route with us

Pre-selection of suitable candidates

1 month

Language, industry- and culture-specific training

4 months

Extension of the training according to your requirements

1 - 2 months

Integration of the expert in your team

3 months

you take over

Support by an adiungo coach

1 month

Content and efficient employees


Your savings with adiungo

with adiungo

without adiungo

Time of vacancy for high-skill IT-professionals in days

Average induction time of a new employee in days

Industry-specific tools and software to be learned new when changing jobs

Average cost for staffing an IT position after average time of vacancy

Our service packages

You decide which of the six steps you will take together with us.

Recruiting & Training

Analysis of your vacancies and matching from our qualified candidate pool

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Relocation Services

Takeover of all organizational obstacles with the recruitment of international professionals

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Internationalization Consulting

End-to-end package for your international human resource management

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Our global network

Our international collaborations enable us to interculturally and effectively connect both sides of the job market.

What companies think

„The health sector has suffered from an increasing lack of skilled workers for years. adiungo offers the perfect platform for international applicants to take root in the German health sector. Especially bureaucratical effort and visa regulations are no issue anymore as adiungo takes care of the full process."

Dr. med. Rainer Rager Specialist in orthopedics & trauma surgery, Specialist in special trauma surgery, Specialist in surgery

"Acquiring specialists with know-how for system, functional and software development is currently the real challenge in technology development. The search has already been carried out internationally for some time. The adiungo approach  effectively paves the way for matching the company offer and qualified candidate. In addition, adiungo deals with one of the greatest challenges: the successful integration into a different social and work culture for the benefit of both."

Lutz Morich Project Manager (SAVe:&SAVeNoW, Digital Application Model) at AUDI AG

„With the trend to digitalisation and electrification in automotive development, well trained talents are needed more than ever. I strongly believe adiungo can provide these talents to us."

Stefan Lang Project Manager Electronics in Technical Development at AUDI AG

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Christopher Lohwasser
Founder and Director

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Questions and answers

What is the difference between adiungo and classical head hunters or HR agencies?

Our main focus lies in the qualification of international applicants. In contrast to classical agencies and head hunters, we prepare our candidates for the requirements of the job profile and of the industry – specific and measurable. This way, we get to know our candidates in depth and ensure that they meet the expectations of the German job market. Our services reach farther. We support not only the professionals, but also your company with international bureaucratical matters, in intercultural collaboration, and if required also during the induction period.

Does adiungo work as a temporary employment agency or do you place directly into permanent positions?

We deliberately delimit ourselves from the concept of temporary employment agencies. All the candidates we place receive a contract for permanent placement directly from the employer.

How may I get to know adiungo’s candidates?

Please get in touch with us. If you are looking to fill a certain vacancy, we look for suitable candidates in our learner-pool. We will gladly introduce their profiles to you in a personal meeting. Once you are interested in a specific candidate, we organize an interview with us and the candidate. In case you do not have a certain vacancy in mind (at the moment), we would be happy to introduce our concept, as well as possible candidates to you.

Is it possible for adiungo to train candidates according to my explicit job requirements?

Yes, this is possible. Our training is generally organized in so-called career paths. Each career path leads to a general job profile. These job profiles of course entail several different positions and requirements. Accordingly, it is possible for us to train our candidates not only in our career paths, but also according to your specific needs.

Which time period can we look at to decide for a candidate?

We usually refer our candidates around 3 – 4 months before they may have their first day of work in Germany. Longer time periods are generally possible. If you are looking for a faster recruitment, please contact us for individual solutions. Several conditions, like visa, have to be considered.

Which obstacles do I need to face when hiring international applicants?

The recruitment of international professionals requires more effort and expertise. Each country of origin holds its own specialities. This is what we are prepared for: adiungo takes over the effort as far as possible to keep you clear of any obstacles.

Does adiungo support me in the induction of my new employees?

We gladly offer this service to you. During the first weeks it can be challenging for both, the international professional as well as the (German) team, to get used to the cultural differences. We guide you through this time with our intercultural expertise.

Why should I collaborate with adiungo instead of having my own HR team recruit international professionals?

International recruiting entails a fair amount of additional effort. From the recognition of the foreign degree, to the relocation and search for housing of the applicant, many aspects have to be taken care of. adiungo takes this effort from you with years of experience. Also, our main service is not to be neglected: We qualify international professionals distinctly for the industry and shorten the induction period significantly. This is how adiungo offers you, with less effort, a new professional who may work in your projects faster and more efficiently than most fellow applicants.