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With roots firmly in the automotive sector, we have been dealing with a lack of skilled workers for years. The German labour market has not been able to plug the gap in IT, trade and care for quite some time now.

In 2021, this problem will not cease, as the newest study of the Bertelsmann Stiftung suggests (English summary on pages 34 - 36).  


This lead to the creation of adiungo as an educational institute to qualify skilled workers from abroad, prepare them for specific job portals and finally placing them in German companies both in Germany and abroad.



days does a vacancy for highly skilled IT personnel remain unfilled

days does it take us to fill your vacancy with the perfect candidate

180 - 27050 - 140

days of induction are required for an average employee

days of induction are required for an adiungo expert


new tools or programmes does a new employee have to learn when changing jobs on average

new tools or programmes does an adiungo expert have to learn on average

$ 1480003

of costs occur for a company to fill an IT-post after the average time of vacancy

gross monthly salaries are the costs to fill the vacancy with an adiungo expert

source: German ministry for economics and energy, 2018

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We work with established educational institutions and decision makers in politics and economy. This enabled us to enter the market successfully at an early stage in order to offer a diverse portfolio of expertise.