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Short-term services

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Our individual courses

Our short-term offers are designed for international skilled workers who might not have the timely or financial resources to undergo a full career-path training. Therefore, we picked the most popular of our courses and offers out of our full programs to be offered individually. We share with you our experience in the industry, the job market, and our HR expertise. Our goal is to help motivated employees find their position in Germany, to boost their career and to chase their passion.

CV Check

You will learn

  • how your CV should be structured to fit the German industry standards
  • which content must be contained to persuade HR experts
  • how you can optimize the design and formatting so that your first impression sticks out

We offer you

  • decades of experience in recruiting
  • checklists and design-templates
  • individual consultation and feedback on your personal CV

Cost: 19 €

Mock Interview

You will learn

  • how job interviews are structured in Germany
  • for which questions you should be prepared and how you might or might not answer them
  • how you can optimize your personal performance to make a lasting impression

We offer you

  • a conversation with a real HR expert who holds dozens of interviews per week
  • intercultural expertise to avoid any cultural pitfalls
  • individual feedback on your personal performance and what to improve for your real interviews

Cost: 39 € (30 minutes)

Career Coaching

You will learn

  • which positions and companies in Germany suit your profile
  • how to best prepare for applications, from CV, over job interview, to salary negotiations
  • about your personal Unique Selling Point and how to use it

We offer you

  • individual coaching by an industry expert
  • flexible scheduling according to your need and availability
  • detailed planning of your next career steps

Cost: 99 € (4 hours)

Relocation Services

You will learn

  • what you need to consider when moving to Germany
  • how you can apply for visa and which visa is the right one for you
  • what you need to do in the first weeks after arriving in Germany

We offer you

  • the joint planning and organization of your relocation
  • end-to-end coaching and service during your move
  • expertise about culture and legislation in your country of origin and in Germany

Cost: depending on country of residence

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