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As a software developer you pave the way for the pioneering solutions of tomorrow. No problem is too complex and no idea is too abstract.

  • Analysis of stakeholder requirements
  • Responsibility for the design, architecture and development of software systems used in car technology
  • Testing the software in the laboratory and car
  • Maintaining and updating the software

Testers take a look at products from all different perspectives. Customers shall receive the perfect solution, which is what you are ensuring. Doing less? Not an option for you.

  • Creation and further development of test plans and specifications
  • Planning, coordination and control of the commissioning of simulation models and ECUs
  • Creation of scripts for the integration and evaluation of test execution
  • Test implementation, execution and analysis of the results

You love challenges and are always on the hunt for even better solutions? Then you are born to be a developer.

  • Responsibility for series-ready function and software development
  • Creation and maintenance of specifications
  • Test and integration of the software in the vehicle and in simulation
  • Managing the fault resolution process between software supplier and customer

Developers may not head for a certain target without an exact description. You love structure and organization? Then requirements management is your job.

  • Analysis, documentation, coordination and management of requirements for new software projects based on specifications
  • Understanding and identifying the client's requirements for a project
  • Clear and binding documentation of entitlements for all parties involved
  • Link between the client and the developers

Someone has to keep the overview. Be it cost, deadlines or quality, you keep an eye on the big picture at all times.

  • Managing the project team and ensuring the alignment of all involved development metiers
  • Communication between the project team and customer in regards to customer end functions
  • Driving and tracking the continuous development progress
  • Reporting the project status
  • Managing the change management process for all changes related to the customer function