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Germany is experiencing an ever-growing lack of skilled workers. A new law on the immigration of skilled workers has already been passed and will make it easier for immigrants from non-EU countries to find work and obtain a residence permit in Germany from 2020. In 2021, many companies continue to struggle finding skilled employers, as the newest study of the Bertelsmann Stiftung suggests (English summary on pages 34 - 36).  



With your job experience and the knowledge gained with adiungo, you will find work quicker with leading technology firms in Germany and worldwide.

Whether you are going to work for a German company in your home country or in Germany, one key prerequisite is a good grasp of basic German and in-depth expertise in your preferred sector. To achieve this, adiungo tailors your further education to your prior knowledge and experience, as well as your desired future job. This is what differentiates the adiungo program from most professional further education and many master study programs. 

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First, choose your job category. Put the first slider on the level on which you want to start your German course. With the second slider select the average amount of hours you are going to invest per month in your training.

Depending upon your job experience, course content may be adapted. Therefore, the shown duration may become shorter.


In 8.4 months you will complete your degree in Automotive Project Management

A continuous learning curve can only be ensured with at least 55 hours of studying per month. Investing more than 130 hours per month makes it considerably more difficult to substantially absorb information.


Our courses

We do not offer typical courses on theory of basic knowledges that you may have attended at university. We impart know-how regarding tools and applications you will actually need in your future job. The contents of the courses are explicitly tailored to the career path you choose. This way, you gain experience with tools and methods like they are used in the German automotive industry and in software development.


We continuously conduct a study with German companies in the automotive sector. This helps us to determine which abilities most graduates lack. Those results are what our courses are based on. They ensure that you can, apart from your international job experience, exhibit exactly those skills German companies are actually looking for. 

Domain Courses

Here you can see an excerpt of our hard skill courses, which prepare you technologically for your future job in current high-demand vacancies. Sign up for a free demo access to receive further information on the course content, as well as an insight into our learning platform. Please contact us for your individual study plan. 


Industry Specific Courses

Here you can see an excerpt of our soft skill courses, which prepare you personally for your future job in current high-demand vacancies. Sign up for a free demo access to receive further information on the course content, as well as an insight into our learning platform. Please contact us for your individual study plan. 


Making learning easier

We do not use monotone learning materials. Personal support and the latest technology in terms of e-learning will help you quickly reach your learning goals and even dry materials will not bore you.

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We assess your application and determine your potential in a verified entrance test.

Depending on your job experience, the scope of your training may decrease, which might result in a lower price. 

If you achieve a very high score or succeed in our High Potential Training beforehand, you will receive a scholarship on a part of your training costs.


* Due to restricted travel possibilities (Covid-19 pandemic), we are temporarily offering our training exclusively online. Therefore, we give you a discount of $ 1,000.

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Our short-term courses

Our short-term offers are designed for international skilled workers who might not have the timely resources to undergo a full career-path training.
Therefore, we picked the most popular of our courses and offers out of our full programs to be offered individually.