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adiungo (lat.): to unite, to connect, to add, to bestow

This single word perfectly describes what we stand for. We connect experts on the employer and employee side.

We are able to utilize a fast network

of experts as well as our internal know-how to offer skilled workers new opportunities and also supply companies with the perfect employees.

e-learning as the key to the international labour market

We combine the best tools of gamification, simulation of real learning environments, personal support and continuous progress tracking.

In-depth expertise for the job role

tailored to the requirements of professionals and employers

Online language courses for every level

including assessment test and certificates

Professional cultural coaching

including evaluation of the cultural value system

Certification of your training

as an assurance for the quality "Made in Germany"

What to expect on your route to Germany

Many employers in the German automotive industry are suffering from a severe shortage of skilled workers. The obstacles for international applicants are still high. Therefore, we have made it our mission to qualify international candidates for the German job market and to enable their career-start in Germany: Fundamental knowledge of the German language and in-depth knowledge of the preferred industry are an absolute necessity for settling down in Germany long-term. Respectively, we offer further education and coaching programs which are individually tailored to the prior knowledge and the desired job of our candidates.

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What our students think

„Up to now I have completed the German language course in adiungo. I am now in cultural training and I will soon continue with soft skills and hard skills. It has helped me a lot that I get personal feedback on how fast I learn. Also, my coach discusses with me, in which companies I would like to work in and helps me prepare applications. Before I started my training in adiungo, I was not sure if I could ever move to Germany, but now I feel ready and look forward to finally moving and starting work there.“

Blaise (21) from Cape Town, currently in training

"Thanks to adiungo I could prepare ideally for my job in Germany. I was assigned the right courses and the personal and individual coaching gave me a feeling of appreciation. The cultural coaching helped me quickly settle in and find friends in Germany."

N. Lal (28) from Mumbai, lives in Cologne since 2019

"In adiungo, I was able to master my German level and my technical know-how in a short period of time. This helped me in finding a great job in a German company. During my studies in adiungo, I was always supported and encouraged by the friendly team."

M. Kumar (24) from Bangalore, lives in Munich since 2020

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Questions and answers

I already have a university degree. Why should I consider further education in adiungo?

Your degree is a great first step for your career start. However, many companies, especially in the German Automotive Industry, are hesitant to employ graduates, or professionals who do not yet have experience in the German market. Also, your induction to industry-specific topics presents a high time investment for employers. All these topics are addressed by the training in adiungo. We prepare you for the German industry, we give you exclusive insights, and we train you in those specific tools and methods, which everyone else will only learn during induction. This gives you a decisive advantage in your application.

How long does the training in adiungo take?

It is up to you. There is no minimum duration for your training in adiungo. After passing our entrance test, you will be defining your learning input and workshops together with your coach. The duration of your training will respectively depend on the level and intensity. If you already have prior knowledge in German, bring in some relevant job experience, or if you have a lot of spare time to invest in the training, you might finish faster than 5 months, otherwise it may also take up to 10 or 12 months.

What kind of prior knowledge is required to take part in the adiungo program?

Generally, we require our participants to have completed a university degree (bachelor or master) or to be in their last year of studies. In case you have already acquired some job experience, we will consider it in the composition of your training.

What happens after I complete the training in adiungo?

Once you become certified as adiungo EXPERT we suggest three vacancies in Germany to you. Before you apply with those, we check your resume and prepare you for interviews. This is how we make sure that you convince your prospective new employers.

Does Covid-19 make it harder to get a job in Germany?

While in fact many companies cannot employ as many new people as before the pandemic, technical and engineering positions in the automotive industry are still highly required. New technologies do not cease to develop and the pandemic has not lessened the efforts in finding sustainable and safer ways of mobility.