adiungo (lat.): unite, connect, add, confer;


adiungo (lat.): unite, connect, add, confer;

This single word perfectly describes what we stand for. We connect experts on the employer and employee side.

We are able to utilise a vast network...

We are able to utilise a vast network …

...of experts as well as our internal know-how to offer skilled workers new opportunities and also supply companies with the perfect employees.

The best tools

We possess the best tools and knowledge to use e-learning as the key to qualifying for the international labour market.

  • Gamification
  • Simulation of real learning environment
  • Use of latest technologies to impart skills
  • Personal support by learning coaches
  • Continuous progress tracking


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Every day we are welcoming new students from around the world. We provide each and every student with skills pertinent to their sector and offer individual cultural coaching to prepare them for the German labour market.

What is behind adiungo?

Before you get to know more about us, we have created a short introduction video for you.

Here we want to give you a first overview of our training and development opportunities for students and professionals and their added value as a qualified specialist for German employers. We bridge the gap between these two sides of the job market.

Please continue to explore our website and let us inspire you with our vision of "connecting experts with experts".

Watch the recording here

adiungo in the press

As an ambitious provider of tailored placements for international skilled workers, we are also written about in the media.

Our project manager Christina was interviewed by the regional newspaper Donaukurier. The report of the talk was published in the economy section of the popular paper. Here is a short summary in English:

We elaborate in this report, what drives companies in the search for skilled workers and how we can help with recruiting international experts. At the moment, we concentrate on Spain and India. In those countries, we source graduates and professionals who have good prior knowledge for a position in German companies.

Potential issues, which are faced by German enterprises and international skilled workers on their way to collaboration alike, are what we analyse on a regular basis. For example, presentations are much livelier in Spain, whereas they focus on hard plain facts in Germany. This might irritate the new employees. This is where we support applicants with our modern e-learning. Knowledge of the German language and of industry-specific hard skills are also a key point in our training.

Indian degrees are widely recognized in Germany. However, many universities can hardly keep up with the quickly changing automotive industry. To bridge this gap between the content taught in universities and the German economy, we provide the necessary insights.

While the potential candidate improves their skills, we already start searching the right position and employer. For a smooth kick-off in the new job, we support even after the completion of our training, for example with searching for accommodation.

Our project is supported by renowned universities and associations. We build our network constantly and expand our expertise into the electronics and health care sectors.

Read the article of the Donaukurier here